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Introductory introduction

Our (Privacy Policy) means the way we collect, preserve, use, and how to protect your personal information. We mean personal information here is the information that relates to a specific person and that is used to identify him

We do not take into account any information of unknown source because it is not suitable for forming personal information, but we collect personal information from those who wish to use the site or linked internet pages or phone calls or contact the customer service team, and once you provide us with your personal information you have authorized us to process this information according to The terms and conditions of the privacy policy described.

We may amend (the Privacy Policy) at any time by announcing this amendment by publishing the modified version on the site. The amended version of the (Privacy Policy) is effective from the date of its publication, in the wake of publication, your continued use of the site considers your agreement to the terms and conditions mentioned in the modified version of the way we handle and deal with your personal information that you have provided us with, so always make sure to see the policy And its updates periodically.

(Privacy Policy) covers the following topics:

# We collected your personal information.

# Our use of your personal information.

# Use, enter, browse and amend your personal information.

# Third party websites links.

# Cookies cookies.

# Protect your personal information.

# How can you contact us to inquire about (Privacy Policy)

1- We collected your personal information:

- As part of registering or using the site, you will be asked to provide us with specific personal information, such as your name, shipping address, email, and / or phone number and other similar information and some additional information about you such as your date of birth or any information that is specific to your identity. In addition, in order to document your identity, we may need you to provide us with valid proof of identity (for example a copy of the national number, driving licenses or passport), and we may also need to collect specific financial information from you, for example your credit card and / or bank account details Therefore, you must enter this financial information in the "My Account" section of the site and we will use this information for the purposes of issuing invoices and completing your requests.

- When registering on the site, you should not post any personal information (including any financial information) to any part of the site except for the "account management" part and this would protect you from the possibility of you being exposed to fraud or theft of your identity information. Also, publishing any of your personal information on any part of the site except for "My Account" may lead to the suspension of your use of the site.

- In addition, information about your operations and activities will be collected on the site so please note that we may use your Internet Protocol (IP) address (a unique number assigned by your Internet service provider) in order to analyze your activities and improve the efficiency of the site.

- Also, we may collect additional information about your computer (for example, the type of browser) and browsing information (for example the pages you visit on the site) in addition to the number of times you use the site.

- Finally, we may collect additional information from you or about you in other ways not specifically described here. For example, we may collect information related to your communication with the customer support team or through your response to questionnaires, we may also collect assessments and other comments related to your use of the site and this personal information is for statistical purposes only, and the names of the owners of the information are anonymous.

2- Our use of your personal information:

- We use your personal information to provide services and support from the customer service team in order to measure the level of our services and improve them and prevent illegal activities in addition to providing you with promotional email messages, as well as to document the information that you provided us with third parties, for example, we may resort to sharing some of your personal information with banks or authorization For credit cards to process and document services or with third parties in order to prevent fraud.

- Although we are keen to maintain your confidentiality, we may need to disclose your personal information to the security services, and we are obligated to do so by court orders or other from the legal departments to be in compliance with the provisions of the law or when we believe that the disclosure of your personal information may prevent physical harm or financial loss Or to report suspicious activity.

- We may disclose your personal information in the event the site is sold for the potential buyer only or the agency acting on its behalf in order to continue the site's activity.

- Information about the products you buy will be displayed on the site. This information may include details about your user identity and the ratings - and comments associated with your use of the site.

- We do not sell or rent any of your personal information to a third party within the usual scope of our business and we will only share your personal information according to what is stated in (Privacy Policy).

- Once you register on or use the site, you consider that you have given us a clear authorization to receive promotional emails about our services in addition to emails regarding new changes and features on the site, in case you do not want to receive such messages, you only have to choose the -link to stop sending these messages to your mailing address Below is any of these emails

- In addition, we use your comments about the site for marketing purposes and by submitting these notes, you agree that we use these notes for marketing purposes.

3- Using, entering, browsing and modifying your personal information:

- You can access and review your personal information on the site and update it through the entrance to your account or request assistance from the Technical Support Department.

- We will keep your personal information during and after you finish using the site as required by law, with the aim of overcoming technical barriers and to prevent fraud, and to assist in any legal investigation and to take any other measures provided for by law.

4- Third party websites links:

- The site may contain links from other websites, please note that we are not responsible for the level of privacy followed in these other sites, always be careful when you move from our site to any other site that you read their (privacy policy) if it is your intention to give them your information Personal . Our (Privacy Policy) applies only to your personal information that we have collected on our site.

5- Cookies:

- Cookies are small text files that allow our server to identify your computer as a unique user when visiting certain pages of the site. Your browser stores these files on your computer's hard disk.

- The cookies that we use do not disclose any of your personal information, but they only help us to improve your performance on the site and help us to understand which parts of the site are the most used. You are free to cancel these cookies if this is available to you from the browser and does not affect that On your use of some parts of the site.

6- Protection of your personal information:

- The site uses appropriate security techniques and procedures to prevent any unauthorized or unlawful access to your information or its loss or destruction. When we collect data through the site, we store your personal information on a database within a secure electronic server using the use of firewall systems on our servers.

- All personal information and financial transactions are encrypted, but in any case, the Internet is an unsafe method with a percentage of water percentage, so we strongly advise you not to send credit or debit card details when you communicate with us electronically and without encryption.

- Username and password must be entered every time when entering your account or making any purchases on the site.

- Password must be chosen with caution using distinct numbers, letters and shapes.

- Do not share your username and password with anyone, knowing that the customer service will not ask you to disclose your password for any purpose whatsoever.

- In case you have any doubts about breaching the user name and password, please immediately contact the customer service team and work to change the password by entering the section of my account on the site.

7- How to contact us to inquire about (Privacy Policy)

If you have questions or concerns about our collection and use of your personal information, please contact our customer service team at e-mail:

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Last update on 1 -1 - 2020