Guarantee Policy

1- The supplier guarantees that the product is completely free from any manufacturing defects before it is delivered to the customer, as we test you the product before shipping it to the customer.

2- The customer has the right to return the product within 14 days of receipt if there is a defect in manufacturing the product.

3- Warranty for all products (covered by the warranty) against manufacturing defects and not misuse even if the customer has no hand in it.

4- The product is required to be delivered to the warranty in the condition that it was sold on it and in its original packaging and all its components (box - cylinder and so on) and in the absence of any of them the product is considered out of warranty.

5- Warranty falls in the event of a burn or oxidation in the product, and if the malfunction is not from it, and in the case of the presence of any traces of trying to disassemble or repair the product (such as nails or external body damage or damage to internal or external welds or in the case of removing or scratching a label Warranty or modification of the product serial number.

6- The site is obliged to inform the customer (by phone - email - message on the mobile phone) to accept or reject the product for the guarantee after receiving it from 24 - 48 hours, stating the reason for refusal.

7- With regard to the products covered by the guarantee from the site, the warranty period is expressly stated in the product details, except for the warranty for the devices or parts used for a period of 7 days only, taking into account the rest of the warranty terms.

8- The repairs included in the guarantee are carried out at the site’s service center. As for the products that are under the guarantee of the agent (and where this is explicitly stated), the agent is solely responsible for the guarantee.

 And he has the right to accept, reject or deduct the product during the warranty period, and the customer is not entitled to refer to the site with any right that is not approved by the agent.

9- The cost of receiving and delivering the product to or from the customer shall be on the customer except in the event of an industrial defect.

10 - The maintenance period for the products subject to the warranty is from 15-20 days, excluding holidays And official holidays.

11- In the event that the product cannot be repaired, it will be replaced by a new one. In the event that the same product does not exist in the market, the life of the product has expired, or its production has been stopped, it will be replaced by an alternative product or a re-evaluation of the current product value.

 The amount is placed in the customer’s account to purchase any other product (the current product value is subject to the agent’s discretion).

12- The warranty does not cover all the products offered on the site, so always check whether there is a guarantee or not on the product you want to buy and the duration of the warranty and is it the guarantee of the site or the guarantee of the agent.

To ensure that you provide the best service, please read the warranty terms high and follow any changes to them always

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